Personal Bio

I’m a freelance writer, wordsmith, and public speaker. I love words and well-crafted sentences. Studying linguistics was one of my favorite courses in university and editing and proofreading are two of my quirky hobbies.

I’m also a mom, wife, and grandmother. I raised two adventurous children who I homeschooled them for almost ten years. The open door policy in my home has brought many spiritual children into my life. I’m an advocate for keeping life simple, yet rich with family, friends, and good food.

I spend inordinate amounts of time in my garden, with my hens and in the woods adjacent to my home. The natural world is an integral part of my every day life and I believe in preserving it for future generations. My adventures in nature have served to inform my life in subtle and explicit ways.

When I’m not reading, or writing or spending time outside, I’m in the kitchen honing my culinary skills. Eating real, local, sustainable food is a way of life. Friends and family continuously probe me with questions about growing and cooking food.

Before I launched full-time into freelance writing, I was an ESL instructor in the public school system and a part-time natural food vendor at my local Farmer’s Market. The diversity of cultures and ethnicity I encountered has forever enriched my life.

I love sharing and expanding on the bit of knowledge I’ve gained in my 50 years on earth.